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The Psychiatry Section of CMDA strives to To promote fellowship and provide community to support and encourage Christian physicians in the practice of psychiatry, as they explore the relationship between their faith and professional practice. To promote within the church the knowledge and understanding of valid psychiatric approaches to mental health and healing, consistent with Christ’s redemptive love.


To help us achieve our vision of creating a community for Christian psychiatrists, we encourage you to get involved with the activities we offer to members of the Psychiatry Section.


We publish newsletters to keep you updated with the latest information about the Psychiatry Section, upcoming events, and activities. Our Newsletters are also archived and issues are available back to 2006.


Sharing a Journey - Do you have questions regarding how to successfully practice Christian psychiatry? Have you ever needed advice from someone who knows you personally and professionally?

Career Guidance and Coaching:

We interface in many ways with CMDA's Life & Executive Coaching, a ministry that offers a personalized resource to support and encourage Christian healthcare professionals.

Domestic and International Healthcare Mission Trip Opportunities:

Through our various mission outreaches, we provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to use their God-given skills to meet the needs of others around the world and share the gospel.


Our Psychiatry Section resources are specifically designed to give you the tools you need to effectively serve the Lord in your life and your practice. These are only just a small selection of the resources available through CMDA, so please visit CMDA's Resources for more information.

Resource Package for Mental Health and the Church Forum - Atlanta:

How can the church position itself to bring hope and healing to those seeking help and direction when faced by one of the many forms of mental illness - potentially, one of life’s most difficult issues and challenges.

Residency programs, points of contact and specialties:

Residency programs with faculty and staff desiring to discuss educational opportunities focused on the practice of Christian psychiatry. [Reserved as a CMDA and Psychiatry Section Member-Only resource].


Books at the booth:

Current publications featured at the exhibition at the annual APA convention. The following is a list is provided as references during the exhibits at APA Conferences. Many are authored by CMDA Psychiatry Section members and are available in the CMDA Bookstore.

CMDA Bookstore:

Online access to CMDA-produced audio, video and print resources that are "medically reliable and biblically sound," as well as a wide variety of outside materials reviewed and approved before being included. For orders outside the U.S. (50 states), please call 423-844-1000 to place your order.

Audio Resources:

A Christian Legacy In Psychiatry Audio interviews by Dr. Alan Nelson - a series of interviews with leading Christian scholars regarding faith and practice.

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