Psychiatry Section Event

2018 Psychiatry Section at the CMDA National Convention

Ridgecrest, North Carolina


The Psychiatry Section sponsored an afternoon session on Friday with a focus on Mentoring, Burnout/Resilience, and Sexual Dysphoria.  We heard from Steve Sartori, MD, Director of CMDA’s Life and Leadership Coaching ministry as he discussed Burnout among doctors and healthcare professionals.  Dr. Samuel Thielman, MD. Ph.D., Director of Still Waters Global LLC, provided insights into his experiences with resilience in his practice as a State Department consultant as well as in his private practice.  Finally, Paul Hruz, MD, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Washington University, provided insights into Sexual Dysphoria in Children.  Biographies of our speakers along with a video and audio of their presentation are found at the link below.  Contact Marshall at for more information.

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