Psychiatry Section Event

2017 Mental Illness Forum: Building Bridges- Psychiatry & the Church

Newport Mesa, California


Pastors and ministers from Saddleback Church gathered on Saturday, May 20, 2018, to discuss how psychiatrists and pastors can work together to minister to those with mental health issues. An agenda for the day is provided HERE.

Building Bridges – Psychiatry and the Church

On May 20, the Saturday before APA, the Psychiatry Section and Pastoral Staff of Saddleback Church co-sponsored a forum designed to explore and support mental health initiatives and programs within the Saddleback Community.  The forum was called Building Bridges – Psychiatry and the Church. Saddleback staff participating in the forum included Pastor Randy Craft, Lay Leader Bob Baker, and other members working within the mental health ministry of Saddleback church. Psychiatry Section members participating included Doctors Brian Briscoe, Barney Davis, Nadine Nhyus, Scott Hellard, Dawit Amare, Mike Tramell, Tom Okamoto and Esther Currie. All are medical doctors certified or specialized in psychiatry.

The morning was spent in training as the doctors and Saddleback staff discussed various areas and conditions of mental health and the church’s role in treatment/support. The afternoon was a question and answer session where Saddleback staff and the doctors fielded questions from the audience related to counseling, parenting children with mental health needs, recognition of mental health issues, suicide, burnout, and the stigmas associated with Christians seeing psychiatrists.

Please note that the videos were not professionally produced. Speakers are occasionally out of the field of vision. An agenda is provided as an overview of the day. Audio and video files are provided as described below. A reference guide is provided as an aid in learning more about the most common mental illnesses.

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